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Dates 2014:

December 16, 2014

Registration dead line:

3 weeks before the date of the exam


● Price: 150 euro

What is DFP B2 ?

Paris Langues is one of the accredited center by the Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Paris (CCIP) to organize the DFP B2/C1 (Diplôme de Français Professionnel) exam.


The DFP B2/C1 exam addresses students, trainees, professionals, who reached a good level of knowledge of the French language applied to the acts of communication of the company and who wish, in a professional perspective, to validate their experiences by an official diploma adapted to the requirements of the professional world. The DFP B2/C1 exam confirms a competence in French B2 level on the Common European Reference frame for the Languages (CECRL).


It certifies an operational competence in French, which allows the user to execute the usual professional tasks in the relational, administrative and commercial functions of the company, where the use of the language is predictable.

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