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Dates 2015:

September 9, 2015
November 12, 2015



Registration dead line:

4 weeks before the date of the exam


● Prices 2015:

Compulsory sub-tests: 90 euros

Optional test « written expression »: 45 euros

Optional test « oral expression»: 45 euros


Complete TCF: 165 €

(compulsory sub-tests + written expression + oral expression)

What is TCF ?

Paris Langues is one of the accredited center by the CIEP to organize the TCF (Test de Connaissances du Français) exam.


TCF is an exam of the CIEP which tests the candidate's proficiency in the French language. This test targets all students who wish to evaluate their competence in French, and obtain a recognized attestation. This especially is for all students who seek admission in French universities.


The test has compulsory sub-tests (76 multiple choice questions), and optional tests

→ compulsory sub-tests: written comprehension (45 min), oral comprehension (25 min), structure and vocabulary (15 min)


→ optional tests : written expression (60 min), oral expression (12 min)

Optional test « written expression » : Students have to convey information, use the past tenses, express one’s point of view and find the arguments to defend it, summarize and rephrase a text in a personal style, but objectively.

Optional test « oral expression»: Students have to get information from a speaker, expose facts, give arguments to convince or defend his/her point of view.

FOR ANY FURTHER INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT LILIANE: +33 1 45 65 94 66 or liliane@parislangues.com



Registration via Email: please send us a message to register with the date of the chosen session. We will send to you all the documents to apply. Please send us back the documents : via Email with a payment by credit card (giving us the details of your card in your message) or by regular mail with your payment by french cheque (order: Paris Langues).

Registration in our office: 30 rue Cabanis 75014 Paris, metro Glaciere. EVERYDAY from Monday to Friday from 09:00 a.m. to 12:30 and from 02:00 p.m. to 05:00 p.m.
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